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12 Tools a Java Professional Must Have

Every java professionals have a set of tools on their arsenal in order to survive day to day office challenges. Over the years of being a java professional, I am pretty sure you must already have a list of software that you are comfortable to work with and can easily accomplish a given task. The tools I am presenting on this article are the one proven to get the job done efficiently. Let’s take a look one real life scenario, you are required to edit an xml because of some ParseException problem, you might use xmlparser  or notepad++ to accomplish this. Well some die hard programmer might argue, I don’t need additional software to do that, all I need  is a notepad and that’s it I can easily debug that. All I could say is, “Yeah! Maybe you are efficient in using that notepad, but for me I better use xmlparse or I will die trying to figure out where is the missing closing tag”. The truth, is we might be having a different ways in accomplishing things but the most important thing to consider is how fast and how efficient you are in accomplishing your task. The more efficient and effective we are, the more we got recognized by our boss. Ideally, the more we got recognized the faster we will be promoted. Some might argue, that would not always be the case but <insert some bad office politics here>. Let’s leave office politics out of this discussion because I might end up writing a book instead. […]

By | March 14th, 2015|java-tips|1 Comment

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