This section of java programming examples of JavaTutoriailHQ shows base number conversion. Technically the base number in java programming is called radix. On this reference document we will be showing codes that deals in number conversion from binary to decimal conversion down to hexadecimal to binary conversion.

Target Audience

This reference document will serve as a guide intended for Students, IT professionals and instructors looking for java codes that deals with number conversions.

Java Base Number Conversion Examples


Examples Description
Binary to BigInteger This java example source code shows how to convert Binary number into BigInteger
Hexadecimal to Decimal This java example shows how to convert Hexadecimal to Decimal number.
Octal to Decimal This java example shows how to convert from octal base number to decimal number.
Decimal to Hexadecimal Java Example on how to convert decimal to hexadecimal
Decimal to Octal Java Example code to convert decimal to octal base number


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