This section is intended to serve as an entry level to those students, instructors and professionals who started to learn and understand java programming. This collection of java programs are basic examples.

Examples is written in such a way that reader’s can understand easily. These source codes can be compiled and modify to suit your needs.

Basic Java Examples Source Codes

The following is a list of basic java examples which can be modified and compiled for your needs.


Topic Description
Java Usage of Operators This java example is intended to show how to use the operators available in java programming language. Learning this topic up to a mastery level is a must in order to learn the more advance topic in java.
Calculate Area and Perimeter of Circle This example source code that is written in java shows how to do basic calculation of area and perimeter of a Circle. This example demonstrates not only how to mathematical operation but also on how to ask a user input through console and read it using BufferedReader. Moreover the transformation of string to double is also demonstrated on this example. The most important to look at is on how to do use the Math.pow static method to calculate the square of a number.
Calculate Area and Perimeter of Rectangle This java example shows how to calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangle. Not only shows how to use basic mathematical operations in java, but also on how to use the BufferedReader to get the user input on the command shell.
Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion The java example provided is intended in fahrenheit to degree celsius conversion focusing on key points such as getting the console input using BufferedReader, String to float conversion and the usage of java mathematical operators.
Celsius to Fahrenheint Conversion This java example source code deals with the conversion from degree celsius to fahrenheit demonstrating the use of mathematical operators.
Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Example java code thats hows how to convert Degree Celsius to kelvin in java.
Kelvin to Degree Celsius This is the opposite of the previous java example. This java example deals with basic usage of operators specifically mathematical operators.
Odd or Even Integer Checker This example java program deals with the checking of odd or even integer. We make use of another important java operator which is the modulo(%) operator.
Number Factorial This a java implementation that deals with factorial


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