On this document we will be showing a java example on how to use the getTotalSpace() method of File Class. This method returns the size of the partition named by this abstract pathname.


  • SecurityException – If a security manager has been installed and it denies RuntimePermission(“getFileSystemAttributes”) or its SecurityManager.checkRead(String) method denies read access to the file named by this abstract pathname.

Method Syntax

public long getTotalSpace()

Method Argument

Data Type Parameter Description

Method Returns

This method returns a long which denotes the size, in bytes, of the partition or 0L if this abstract pathname does not name a partition


Requires Java 1.6 and up

Java File getTotalSpace() Example

Below is a java code demonstrates the use of getTotalSpace() method of File class. The example presented might be simple however it shows the behaviour of the getTotalSpace() method of File class. To make the print outs of the total space available we made some calculations to print out the equivalent in Kb, Mb and Gb.

Sample Output

Below is the sample output when you run the above example.

java lang File getTotalSpace() example output