java.lang.Long compareTo(Long anotherLong)


The Long.compareTo(Long anotherLong) java method Compares two Long objects numerically.



  • specified by compareTo in interface Comparable

Method Syntax

public int compareTo(Long anotherLong)

Method Argument

Data Type Parameter Description
Long anotherLong the Long to be compared.

Method Returns

The compareTo(Long anotherLong) method of Longclass returns the value 0 if this Long is equal to the argument Long; a value less than 0 if this Long is numerically less than the argument Long; and a value greater than 0 if this Long is numerically greater than the argument Long (signed comparison).


Requires Java 1.2 and up

Java Long compareTo(Long anotherLong) Example

Below is a simple java example on the usage of compareTo(Long anotherLong) method of Long class.

Sample Output

Below is the sample output when you run the above example.

Java Long compareTo(Long anotherLong) example output